About Us

Brasilesia is a business initiative created and run jointly by Brazilian and Polish partners, founded by INDI - Minas Gerais Invesment and Trade Promotion Agency, Katowice Special Economic Zone,  Universidade Federal de Viçosa, University of Silesia, SPIN-US Ltd. - a subsidiary of the Silesia University,  Technology Park of Vicosa and polish venture fund Invento.

Brasilesia goal is to create a joint programs, tools, activities and support which will boost joint cooperation on creation new products and technologies and to help Polish and Brazilian entrepreneurs to enter and develop on foreign market, enabling them fruitful cooperation and bring innovators a chance to:


  1. Expand to a new market (respectively Polish/Brazilian) with “soft-landing” support;
  2. Validate market potential with experts from different countries;
  3. Exchange domain knowledge;
  4. Find foreign business partners, clients or distributors;
  5. Find new foreign team members;
  6. Find technological partners among e.g. academic research institutions;
  7. Create joint R&D projects;
  8. Find new investors.




Our Team

Adriana Ferreira de Faria

Francylara Castro

Jucélia Lopes

Katarzyna Papież- Pawełczak

Hanna Skrzypiec

Witold Uhma